Just One Sin

John 524

Can just one sin keep a person out of Heaven and to face eternal torment in hell? The answer is undoubtedly yes.  Some would immediately say God is much too harsh in this, but then again they are not God.  If God was truly harsh, He would of just ended the world as we know many thousands of years ago and give no hope to fallen sinners.  Those who believe God is harsh or vindictive also do not believe God is Holy or really understand what true Holiness is, and at the same token would NOT be attributing holiness to any human being as is commonly blasphemously done.

Take a minute and contemplate who God is. He is the Creator of the Universe and everything and everyone in it. He is eternal, no beginning or end and in this eternal sense has been utterly perfect.  Not a sinful thought, deed, or action.  It is much too hard from a human perspective to understand this in its totality, thus enters human way of thinking when it comes to God’s disdain and judgment on sin which has defiled His holiness, and yes, every sin, not some sins, but any sin committed.  This standard of holiness is bar set so very high that no human being could even come close to it.

The books of Deuteronomy and Leviticus which are often used wrongly by the “God is harsh” crowd, are rather an example of God’s demand and standards for perfection and that bar which is set.

God’s holiness demands justice on sin. The Great Flood is evidence of this when all but 8 were destroyed based on their sins. So it is an innate question all human beings have been ingrained with, how do we make things right with God. From this question sprang up world religion. Even though God sent a Savior Jesus Christ to satisfy this demand from God, and through His one time once and for all atonement where He alone made a propitiation for sin, a TOTAL and complete satisfaction, world religions through ideology will say this is not sufficient. That although they may teach in some form Jesus was a prophet, a good teacher, that His death was admirable, it just wasn’t enough.

And because they do not believe Jesus’ propitiation for sins was enough, rituals such as water baptism, transubstantiation and the Eucharist, were all put in by twisting Scripture as additional works for the sinner to in effect make up where Jesus left off, not as resultant effects and behavior of salvation, but false precursor requirements to make things right with God. Some will also teach that good works work somehow as a merit point that helps sin removal. Some will teach vain impersonal repetition prayers as a form of restitution to help sin removal. Some teach Godly sorrow or being really sad over your sins will help sin removal. All leaving the question with the sinner “have I done enough in the end”.


Whatever the motive, the good try, the great effort and exertion, nothing can satisfy any sin removal by God other than the perfect work of Jesus Christ which He completed on the Cross 2000 years ago, and exclaimed this by saying “IT IS FINISHED”. God given faith in this is the only key to salvation. The narrow road of faith is to remove yourself completely in the equation and place your entire eternal future into the hands of Jesus Christ who nailed each of your sins on the Cross by nothing you did or anything of yourself to deserve this grace and mercy.

World religions essentially by their superficial striving have one motive, and that is to say perfection can be perfected. So ask yourself today, can something perfect be in anyway perfected? Sounds pretty ridiculous when it comes down to it. The lack of faith in the perfect work of Jesus Christ will always tell the sinner “yes, it can be perfected”.  It is by self-righteousness alone of which God hates by the way, that a sinner through their religion believes they can add something to achieved perfection from Jesus Christ as a way of showing God they are “worthy”.  But the only One who truly is Worthy, is Jesus Christ!


So today, if you have not done so, place your faith in Jesus Christ who has the only key to your salvation. Judgment Day is coming as sure as the sun rose this morning, and on the glorious Day by placing your faith in Jesus Christ’s obedience, His perfection, His righteousness and not your own, He will be your Mediator. He alone will be seen by God and what He did, not all your failings, not your sins, but Jesus Christ. With this realization, repent (turn away) from your sins in thanksgiving for this gift, the most amazing gift which surpasses anything you will ever receive.

Justice is getting what you deserve, mercy and grace from God is getting what you DON’T deserve. Jesus Christ, the perfect Lamb of God laid down His life for your sins and make no mistake, if you sinned just once, Jesus still would of died in your place. There is NO greater love!

greater love


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