Exposing Satan’s Counterfeits

1 Thessalonians 5:21 “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.


Counterfeit religions have been around since the beginning of time. It is utter foolishness to believe different.  Many have this idea since they were born into a particular faith and grew up with it, it is settled, there is no testing needed.  The “everyone is doing it so it must be correct” logic is used.

They are primed to believe the counterfeit.  One needs to understand God allowed Satan to roam about. Satan knows he has a short period of time so ever since the Garden of Eden when he first tempted Eve by saying “Did God really say that?” he has been using, believe it or not, large worldly religious institutions to do his work.  Doctrines will never really line up with Scripture, and usually the quick appeal will be to “tradition” or an overt attack on the Bible. Again with that same temptation premise of “Did God really say that?”.

Make no mistake, Satan is not out there working on the utterly evil, he is not omnipresent or omniscient, his ways are the ways of a counterfeit religion. The one which looks just like a Christian church but when discernment comes through the word of God, the marks of a counterfeit are clearly seen.

A counterfeit religion can ONLY be detected by Scripture as the Measuring Standard.

The problem comes when one is shown the marks of Satan’s counterfeit, and by pride the sinner refuses to see them. Rather many rationalizations come instead.  An appeal to worldly things is generally seen.  “We have 1.3 billion members”, “look at our church’s history”, “so and so believed this 1700 years ago”, etc. etc.  I confess it took me 3 years to admit to the counterfeit I was indoctrinated into. The analogy being is having a treasured $100 bill, the hard part is to admit you were and are holding counterfeit money all along which is challenged and rejected by the bank because you didn’t see the false marks or empty marks of the bill.


But when doctrines are pressed through the word of God, the counterfeit marks still remain.  There is no way to cover them up.  Twisting and turning and rationalizing are the only ways to justify those marks. And the appeal cannot be to Scripture because Scripture is like a bleach, it will clean those marks and by cleaning those marks the sinner then needs to admit they have been deceived.  A battle between the will of God and sinner’s will, and God always wins.

It is quite sad to me that some sinners will never test or prove all things.  They would rather believe the counterfeit.  That is the easy way out with Jesus Himself saying “narrow is the way, few find it”.   Yet if that same sinner needed a heart transplant, they would not blindly trust any old hospital, they would most likely discern the doctor’s capability, the hospital’s record, the worldly appeals would vanish, but this is not so when it comes to their spiritual health.

My appeal is to Scripture. A Christian by working out their salvation with fear and trembling must ALWAYS test!  And this test MUST have Scripture being the FINAL authority as it is the very infallible word of God which does not change, does not deceive, does not conflict, does not use relativism where the truth is subjective.

Test ALL things, meaning a person’s teaching, a doctrine, a fellowship, a church.  Jesus and the Apostles warned repeatedly that many wolves (false teachers) would infect the church.  Their goal is to plant tares among the wheat.  The tares being counterfeit Christians, and the wolves promoting the counterfeit by using just enough Scripture to make it SEEM as a Christian fellowship, but there are always counterfeit marks.  Again Satan is very deceptive, he has had thousands of years to perfect his counterfeiting and fakes which will resemble Christianity very closely to the naive eye, with even the media and public at large validating the counterfeit.


And be aware when Satan discovers you are sounding the warning horn to his counterfeit religions, folks who have been captivated by him will attack, they will malign, they will chastise with full might and vigor. They do not want exposure so they will ridicule but really have no defense.  Also remember if God is with you, who can be against you.  They cannot overcome His will, no matter what type of desperate attack they employ. Do not be deterred, the power of the Gospel overcomes the enemy, boldly declare it with full truth and conviction and watch the enemy shudder and run, they are expecting by their attack that you will run. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord!

So do not settle on another sinner’s faith, hold to the truth, and that is the word of God.  ALL believers of Jesus Christ are given the Holy Spirit who will always guide a sinner to the fullness of the truth.  Trust only in Him!  Place your entire heart into God’s hands and watch a new world open up to you. The Holy Spirit is a home run hitter who hits a home run so to speak each time at the plate. He indwells you, so just let go of your fear and pride and give Him the reigns.

In these sinful times, one must ALWAYS be on guard for the counterfeit, there is a VAST amount of wolves among the sheep who are telling the sheep “you are a goat”.  Discern always the truth from error by the oh so powerful word of God!  Your eternal future is at stake.



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